Never Forget A Password Again!

Store all your websites, usernames and passwords, as well as a wealth of other computer-related information in one handy place with the Internet Password Organizer!
Log into your favorite social media sites, pay your bills, review your credit card statements and shop at your favorite online stores, quickly and effortlessly!
Over 0 Unique Cover Designs To Choose From!


  • Internet Passwords

  • WiFi Passwords

  • Network Information

  • Software Licenses

  • Credit Card Info

  • Computer-Related Notes and more!


  • Alphabetically Organized Sections

    Enable you to access your login information quickly so you spend less time searching and more time surfing!

  • Discreet & Beautiful Cover Design

    Attractively conceals your book!

  • 120 Spacious 5.5" x 8.5" Pages

    Allows you to store all your usernames, passwords and computer related notes comfortably not crammed.

  • Dedicated Credit Card Section

    Provides you with quick access to the credit cards you use when shopping online!

  • Dedicated Network Section

    Store your computer network details like your WiFi Password, Router’s Configuration URL, Internet Service Provider’s support number and more!

  • Dedicated License Manager Section

    Provides a place for you to store the software license keys that come with the software you buy.

  • Dedicated Notes Section

    For other computer-related notes you may have.

Sample Pages

  • Passwords
  • Credit Card Info
  • Network Information
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Authorized MAC Addresses
  • License Manager
  • Notes

What People Are Saying

“Discreet, and beautiful! Nobody would ever know it contained passwords unless they opened it.”Feather
“Bought this as a gift for a friend who had little scraps of paper with her different passwords. She loved it.”B G Hill
“Beautiful & discreet. Lots of space, easy to write in and I appreciate having a home network section.”Kanani
“The practicality of it. Who would have known such a thing existed had it not been for AMAZON!!! I gave some away to my bridal party members and all raved about it. They were affordable and fun to use.”Satisfied Customer
“The cover is so pretty, bright and very crisp looking and it will come in handy with holding all of our passwords and other info as it gets tougher with age to remember all the passwords we have..”Dianna Flowers
“Something that I have needed for years. I just can’t remember all those sign ins.. I love the print on it and the colors, it is so whimsical. It goes well with an iphone cover that I bought.”Debra / Sandy
I really love this password journal. There’s more than enough room for all the websites I use… The artwork on the cover is really beautiful. “ strsneyes
“I loved it my self and got one for a friend. We both love it. Using the Alphabit is the easyest way to find your password.”D K L
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“I have used password books before and swear by them. This one has beautiful colors. It is small enough to carry in a handbag. Discreet enough to leave on a bookshelf and someone not realize what it is.”Amazon Customer
“This has tons of pages unlike others I’ve seen. It’s also arranged alphabetically, which I love. I gifted this and the recipient really liked it.”Kanani
“I heard about this from a family member and what a great idea. Now I can get rid of all of the papers I had to go through to find the passwords.”Caro L
“Made my life easier and at 70 I needed all the help I could get, LOL.”marlene g.
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