The Password Book Computer Users Depend On!

The Deluxe Password Book provides you with a single centralized location in which to store all your online account login information.

The experts agree, creating unique, difficult to guess, strong passwords and then writing them down and storing them in a secure place is one of the best ways to protect your accounts from being compromised by hackers.


  • Internet Passwords

  • WiFi Passwords

  • Network Information

  • Software Licenses

  • Credit Card Info

  • Computer-Related Notes

Password Book Features

  • Alphabetically Organized Sections

    Enable you to access your login information quickly so you spend less time searching and more time surfing!

  • Reinforced Laminate Tabs

    For added durability to prevent fraying and help keep your information organized and easy to retrieve!

  • Discreet Hard Cover Design

    Solidly protects the contents within!

  • Spiral Binding

    So you can open the book flat and write the full width of each page!

  • 122 Pages

    Provide you with enough room to create a unique password for every site your subscribe to!

  • Spacious 5.5" x 8" Pages

    Allow you to write comfortably, not crammed!

  • Dedicated Back Tabs

    To store additional computer-related information like your Network Info, WiFi Password, Software Licenses, Credit Card information and notes.

As Seen On

Endorsed By

Geralin Thomas

Disorganization Expert as seen on A&E TV's Hoarders
Owner of Metropolitan Organizing®, LLC

"There is no magic bullet for organizing passwords or other types of sensitive information but this *little black book* is my choice of ammunition. The Internet Password Organizer™ is a low-tech solution in a world of high-tech problems. Best of all it's practical, affordable and ready to use immediately out of it's wrapper. "

Home & Lifestyle Expert, Author and Media Personality

"I have seen many clients with no system for organizing their passwords, and I have seen others with very insecure “systems” like sticky notes on the computer monitor! The Internet Password Organizer™ gives people a practical home for storing this information. It’s a great product and is needed more than ever!"


“I used to keep my sign-in information listed in a plain spiral notebook, but I would continually have to flip back and forth to find the site name and information I needed. With the Internet Password Organizer™, I just turn to the alphabetically indexed page I need right away without wasting time searching through the entire book. Now I can sign into all my regular sites quickly and easily from Amazon to Zillow!”

Coach and Teacher

“With multiple businesses that have me on the internet most of the day and three children that are also buzzing around the virtual playground… we are a family in need of some help when it comes to passwords. Thankfully I was introduced to the Internet Password Organizer™ at a conference in 2008... Having the right tools in life makes all the difference and this is a tool that is well used in our home.”

Julie Bestry

Certified Professional Organizer®, Best Results Organizing

"The Internet Password Organizer™ marries form and function to create an affordable and elegantly simple organizing solution to computer password chaos... The alphabetical address-book style makes this system ready-to-use and error-proof. I'm happy to recommend the Internet Password Organizer™ to my clients and readers, who crave simple organizing solutions to which they can commit with confidence."

Professional Speaker and Coach

“The Internet Password Organizer™ is useful and easy to use. It’s a great back up system to electronic password organization, which can be unreliable should you lose power, or if your computer crashes. My clients love the Internet Password Organizer™, and think it is an easy and important tool that helps protect their passwords and valuable private information.”

John Trosko

Professional Organizer, OrganizingLA

“It’s become critical in today’s world to manage passwords and ID names with the same security as your social security number. As an everyday online user, I have over 50 to memorize. The Internet Password Organizer™ is an easy way to organize, notate, and protect my online identities. The Internet Password Organizer™ is my modern day little black book!”

Sample Pages

  • Passwords
  • Network Information
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Authorized MAC Addresses
  • License Manager
  • Credit Card Info
  • Notes

What People Are Saying

“Finally, someone created the perfect product for frequent Internet transactions.”Valerie Z.
“Fantastic organizer! Love it!!! Can’t say enough good things about it.”Penny B.
“Absolutely love it — use it almost every day!”Yvonne E.
“I should have ordered this years ago!”Sarah P.
“I am thrilled with the quality of this book.”Cheryl B.
“Such an easy way to organize passwords.”Kay A.
“I absolutely love the organizer, exactly what I wanted!!”JoAnn A.
“Just what I was hoping for. Solves one of my “get organized” resolutions for 2016.”Kathleen Z.
“Doesn’t matter if you can store your stuff in a cloud …it won’t replace this little book.”Wise Old Gramma
“This is exactly what I wanted, it’s a nice sturdy organizer and the pages are alphabetized and the entries and categories are common sense.”Jennifer P.
“I have bought about 6 of the Internet Password Organizers (one for every family member.) I haven’t found anything as nice. Love it!”Michelle S.
“One of the more useful products I have purchased and have given them to many friends and relatives.”Randall H
“Just what i was looking for. Great way to organize your passwords. I love the open binding so you can lay it flat while you type in your information.” cin1165
“In the world of needing more info for online accounts, this password organizer is the best. The book is well made, lays flat when open, and feels as though it will survive years of use.”Michelle S.
“Great find! I love the design. Small, thin book so it is inconspicuous, and doesn’t scream what it is. It looks like a little planner actually. “ Kellie
“This book has saved me so much frustration! Wish had gotten sooner. Love the tabs, so much faster finding web site and password. So I give it five stars! This is a well made book that will last! Get it!!”Josie
“In today’s world, you need a password for everything and it’s impossible to remember all of them. I purchased this book & its a life saver. Gives you areas for all necessary things and room for notes. I couldn’t live with out it.”N
“This book is truly far better than the smaller ones claiming to have sewn bindings so they lie flat…they simply don’t…Also the larger size of this organizer makes it far easier to write longer url’s. passwords, and email addresses.”Robert O.
“This is very nice. I like the color and size. It’s so nice to have everything in one place. Highly recommended!”Amazon Customer
“Perfect for doing it the old-fashioned way, handwriting passwords into a book… It’s not too large, it’s sturdy, pretty color, and classy looking.”Paris
“This is well made, and when open it lies flat either open or folded in half. Well thought out, plenty of pages per letters and good ISP home network section.” Stephen in Plano
“Best idea in a long time. Now I don’t have to write everything in my old address book.”J. D. Fine
“This passwork book give room to put what you need to each line. I love it so much that this my 4th one. Gave some as gifts.”Vickie58
“My favorite password book. It’s indexed with tabs for easy reference.”Mary Buckeyne
“I’ve actually purchased this a few times. Once for myself and twice as gifts. It’s really convenient for storing passwords – especially when you have to keep changing them all the time.”Liz M.
“A gorgeous little book and keeps my passwords organized. I like the fact that it’s designed in such a way that were it to just reside on a shelf with other books, it would just look like an ordinary paperback.”S. Dean
“This is well made, and when open it lies flat either open or folded in half. Well thought out, plenty of pages per letters and good ISP home network section.” Stephen in Plano
“I am so glad I purchased this password organizer. Now I no longer have to keep track of multiple pieces of paper with disorganized lists of passwords. It is such a relief!”Linda Barker
“Coated tabs, wide lines with plenty of room for notes and great to have the space for license manager – purchase 3 more for other department heads.”U. P.
“The product was just what I was looking for. All my passwords in one place and close by my system. No more passwords on post-it notes hidden from everyone including me.”J. N. Croteau