Gem Collection

You asked... We Listened!

You wanted more color choices with a discreet cover design at a more affordable price. The Gem Collection was unearthed to provide users with an attractive, low-cost, password management solution.
Store all your website's usernames and passwords, as well as a wealth of other computer-related information in one handy place and rid yourself once-and-for-all of the assortment of Post-It notes that cover your desk.


  • Internet Passwords

  • WiFi Passwords

  • Network Information

  • Software Licenses

  • Credit Card Info

  • Computer-Related Notes and more!


  • Alphabetically Organized Sections

    Makes finding your login information quick and effortless!

  • Discreet Cover Design

    Allows you to hide your passwords in plain sight!

  • 124 Spacious 8.5" x 5.5" Pages

    Allows you to store all your usernames, passwords and computer related notes comfortably not crammed.

  • Dedicated Credit Card Section

    Provides you with quick access to the credit cards you use online. Online shopping has never been easier!

  • Dedicated Home Network Section

    Allows quick access to a variety of details about your Home Network, like your WiFi Password for both family and guests!

  • Dedicated Software License Section

    Provides a single centralized location for you to store the license keys that come with the software you buy.

  • Dedicated Notes Section

    Provides space for you to record computer related notes.

Sample Pages

  • Passwords
  • Credit Card Info
  • Home Network Configuration
  • Home Network Configuration Notes
  • Authorized MAC Addresses
  • License Manager
  • Notes

What People Are Saying

“I wanted a secure place to keep track of my passwords and this definitely is the perfect place to do so.”Marilynn M. Gregory
“Love this Organizer. This is the second one I have ordered. Keeps all my passwords in alphabetical order. Have recommended to friends.”Charlene Kennedy
“Perfect for my needs! I’ve carried around a piece of paper with passwords on it for years now I have them organized!”CR
“Wonderful! Enough space for all my passwords, notes on each and additional important info pages in the back. Exactly what I was looking for!”Shanna Marie
“So much easier to use the organizer than looking through all my little pieces of paper that were clipped or just laying around.”Gbaker
“Adorable and Oh-so-useful Password Organizer. So nice to be in control of important info. Very pleased with this purchase!!”Laura M. Crane
“This is a great tool for keeping all internet info organized. It sure beats lots of little pieces of paper and those sticky notes on my computer table. Love it!”K Teacher
“Password organizer makes is so much easier to look up all of my passwords, I was spending too much time looking up my passwords.”G. Harrison
“As we get older, it is sometimes easy to forget what you use for a password. This makes it easy and convenient. What a good idea”Ramona E. Olson
“This is a great way to organize all of my internet information and have it at my fingertips.”B. Davis-sparks
“Now I’m organized and everything is easy to locate in this well constructed organizer.”TisHerself
“Love the cover! This book makes life easier, all my passwords are now in one place.”Elizabeth Hehn
“I’ve tried other internet/password organizers and I like this one the best due to its size, soft-cover, the format of the pages, and its price. Not too little, not too much…just right!”D. K. Poore
“For those that have the desire to be organized…perfect! I would highly recommend. I’m happy there are also blank pages for notes at the back of the book. You won’t be disappointed.”Shop gal
I no longer get locked out of websites or forget my passwords. I love this book and I recommend it to everyone who has important things to keep track of online.”The Dirty Shirt
“I love this book. It is such a simple soft cover book that it is genius.”Cherise Kachelmuss
“It’s a great little book. Should be sold with all computers.”trying@68
“A friend had given me this type of organizer, and I really like it. So I ordered two more for my friends.”Elizabeth Harding
“We’ve needed this for a long, long time. I’ve been using an address book which falls short in the “useful” department, but THIS is what every computer user who uses a lot of websites needs. I bought a bunch of these to give as presents too.”MeMary77
“I was writing down all my websites and passwords in a daytimer type notebook. This is a great idea and I had never heard of it until my cousin showed me hers. I had to have one. Now everthing is organized and neat. Great idea.”Donna Giordon
“The Internet Password Organizer is the answer! This nifty book is set up just like an address book… I love that I can easily find what I am looking for since it is in alphabetical order. And now, at least one area of my life has gotten organized.”Kristie Sawicki
“This is by far the best one I have had. I had to order this new one because my old one is finally falling apart after 5 years. I recommend this one.”Mary Amara
“Love it keeps all my passwords in one place and easy to use. Would recommend it to everyone, price is right too.”GrannyD
“I had one before in a different color, I wrote so much in my other one I needed a new clean one. I will buy a new one every year.”Gloria Jean
“My New Year’s resolution was to get organize and this helped in the process! I have all my passwords, account information, etc. stored in one place instead of scattered on 3×5 cards. It is so much nicer!”Anny Laird
“More Brains For Mommy! I love my new Internet Password Organizer, I have now gained more minutes back of my days! There is so much more I should be doing rather than hunting down a password and now I am!”Girl on Fire
“When I found the Internet Password Organizer…I thought “Hallelujah!”…finally someone has the sense to create a simple, easy to use, durable and handy little book that will store all my password information.”Christine Fernandez
“I purchased this for my elderly parents that were finding it hard to keep track of the various passwords. It seemed very simple to use and thought it would be perfect for them. After helping my parents set their book up, I decided to get one for myself too.”Akita Fan
“I already own three of these organizers. They are laid out very well, have adequate room to write and are big enough not to get lost. The one I just purchased was for my husband because he said I was so organized that he thought one of these might help him.”Darla Day
“Order 2 different password books this one is the better superior one, it bigger has more pages plus has blank note pages, pages to put your pc program licenses, credit card contact information in case they get stolen or loss, and other important things”Krisiti
“This internet password organizer is just what I was looking for to get rid of all those little post its cluttering my desk. It is also alphabetical. I bought three for Christmas gifts this year. One for my daughter, my husband and of course myself. I keep mine handy right next to my computer and refer to it often.”S. Moulton
“Very handy! I bought an extra one for my parents as well.”Greatful
“Gave as a gift to a friend who has his passwords and user names written on little scraps of paper all over the place! He loved this… I loved it too and plan on getting one for myself!”Just Why